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Fast-paced gameplay of You're Being Audited

You're Being Audited is an engaging game that will put you in an accountant's shoes. You need to be quick to destroy the evidence as fast as possible.

In this game, you will work as an account of a company. You are holding the evidence which are related to the illegal activities of your company. One day, your company will be audited, so you need to destroy the evidence now. You will see many papers and a paper shredder on the table. Your mission is to insert all documents of your company into the paper shredder. These documents will be destroyed after entering the paper shredder. Note that the more the documents are destroyed, the shorter your jail time is. If you can destroy everything, you will not be sentenced. Sometimes, the paper shredder is jammed. You need to be quick to clear the jam and continue your work.

The gameplay of this game is fast-paced because you are challenged to destroy the evidence within 50 seconds. This requires you to use your quick figures and reflexes. If you cannot remove all evidence, you will be sentenced. After being released, you can start a new work in a new company.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to guide the paper.

The creator of You're Being Audited

This game was created by Emmy and Thomas. The developers said that they made the game within 3 hours. The game features not only new gameplay but also awesome visuals, so it captivates many players from all over the world. Some players also fall in love with it because of its accessibility. You can play this game on the web browser. Like Amanda The Adventurer, the game is playable on both PC and mobile devices. Moreover, this game is also appreciated because of its sound design. The knocking sound makes the game more thrilling.