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Multiple tasks in The Baby In Yellow

Transform into a babysitter in The Baby In Yellow now. Complete all tasks without being attacked by the baby and uncover a secret hidden in the house.

Babysitting and Care

As the babysitter, you must attend to the needs of the baby in your care. This involves tasks such as feeding, changing diapers, and providing comfort to keep the baby calm and content. Failing to fulfill the baby's needs can lead to increased distress and negative consequences.

Watching out the baby

The house is filled with rooms, corridors, and hidden areas to explore. You must search for items, clues, and notes scattered throughout the environment to piece together the unsettling events that have taken place. Each discovery may reveal more about the dark secrets lurking within the house. As the night progresses, you must contend with supernatural entities that haunt the house. These entities may appear suddenly, making the atmosphere tense and unpredictable. You must avoid or escape from these entities to survive.

To progress in the game, you need to solve puzzles and interact with various objects. These interactions can range from finding keys to unlock doors, solving riddles, or manipulating the environment to uncover hidden passages or trigger events.


Use the arrow keys to move.

Use an E key to interact with objects.

All haunting nights in The Baby In Yellow

  • Night 1: The first night sets an unsettling tone as the sitter's mind is plagued by disturbing thoughts. Despite strange occurrences, such as the baby teleporting near the stairs, the sitter carries on with their tasks. However, the baby's cries lead to a chilling discovery, as he is found crying in the living room instead of his bedroom. The night ends with the sitter dozing off, awaiting the return of the baby's parents.
  • Night 2: As night two begins, the sitter's unease intensifies. Supernatural events unfold, including the baby's telekinetic mischief and moments of darkness. The sitter perseveres, feeding and changing the baby's diaper, even retrieving a diaper from the parents' bedroom. However, the night ends with the baby's unsettling teleportation near the stairs, leaving the sitter on edge once again.
  • Night 3: The final night brings the sitter closer to the brink of madness. Inner thoughts and cryptic messages add to the growing sense of unease. The sitter navigates through darkness and feeds the demanding baby, only to encounter a disconcerting transformation during a diaper change. Desperate attempts to exorcise the evil presence prove futile, leading to a chilling revelation of the baby's true nature and the sitter's fate in a nightmarish dimension.