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A Journey through Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location

Try out Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location featuring completely new gameplay. Follow the instructions of Ennard and try to survive for five nights.

Different tasks

This game introduces fresh gameplay mechanics that deviate from the traditional point-and-click formula of its predecessors. You find yourself engaged in multiple tasks.

  • Night 1: On the first night, you will enter Circus Baby's Pizza World in which you need to follow the instructions from HandUnit.
  • Night 2: On the second night, you will encounter animatronics. Navigate through the Ballora Gallery and evade Ballora at all costs. You should listen to auditory cues to determine the position of Ballora and her movement patterns. Your goal is to survive on the second night.
  • Night 3: On the third night, you are required to evade Funtime Foxy in the Funtime Auditorium.
  • Night 4: On the fourth night, your mission is to follow the instructions of Circus Baby.
  • Night 5: On the final night, you are tasked with evading many animatronics because they want to kill you and escape as Ennard inside your corpse. Note that the animatronics will become more aggressive and unpredictable on this night, you need to be careful and come up with strategies to survive till the end.

New animatronics

It is possible to say that the animatronics in this game are completely different from FNAF 2. Here is the list of notable animatronics featured in this game

  • Circus Baby: The first animatronic is Circus Baby who looks like a clown. She appears on the fifth night and in the mini-games. On the fifth night, she will trap you from entering the Scooping Room and kill you because she wants to escape as Ennard inside your corpse. You should stop her evil plan.
  • Ballora: You will meet this animatronic in the Ballora Gallery. She appears every night and. When you see her, you should give her a controlled shock to stop her from attacking you.
  • Funtime Foxy: He is a more malevolent version of the Foxy character in Five Nights At Freddy's. His behavior and movement patterns are unpredictable, making encounters with this animatronic tense and unpredictable.
  • Ennard: He is considered to be a mysterious and enigmatic animatronic in this game. On the fifth night, he will attack you if you cannot remember and type Circus Baby's password. Moreover, if you do not follow the instructions of Funtime Auditorium, Ennard will also attack you. To evade him, you should run into the Private Room. He will pretend to be Circus Baby and guide you to enter the Scooping Room, so you need to be careful.

Hidden minigames in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location

This game features a hidden mini-game that provides additional backstory and insights into the game's lore. When joining this mini-game, you will transform into Circus Baby whose mission is to collect cupcakes and give all kids these cupcakes. The children will be really happy when being given the cupcakes. Note that the time in this mini-game is limited, so you need to complete the goal in time to win. If you lose the mini-game, Circus Baby will dissipate.

At the end of this mini-game, you need to take the ice cream to the starting point. Then, the ice cream will drop. At this time, a little girl, Elizabeth Afton, will emerge and come close to Circus Baby. A claw from the stomach of Circus Baby grabs the girl and pulls her inside the animatronic's torso. The mini-game will end with a screaming sound.