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All stages in Hangry Lamu

Check out Hungry Lamu which is a famous indie horror game. Help Lamu hunt for food and attempt to escape from the dark forest without being murdered by Lamu.

Stage 1

If you are a big fan of horror games such as FNAF Plus, you should not ignore this game. The gameplay of this game includes two stages. In the first stage, you will play as Lamu who is a cute hungry sheep. Let's go around the forest to hunt for food. Your objective is to find cherries, bananas, and fruit friends. Note that the fruit friends are camping and they will run away if they see you. You need to use the fire and bee hives and chop the trees to find the fruit friends. After finding them, you will eat them. The first stage will end after you eat three fruit friends.

Stage 2

Unlike the first stage, the second stage features 3D graphics and a dark theme. In the second stage, you will play as a guy who gets lost in the dark forest. You are required to run around the forest to find your friends. It seems that they are assassinated. After finding your friends, you need to find your car. Drive your car to escape from the forest as fast as possible.

How to control

Use the arrow keys to control Lamu to move around.

Use an E key to swing an axe or eat fruit friends.

Use an F key to use the flashlight.

All endings in Hungry Lamu

Ending 1

Like Night Walk, this game also features many endings. The first ending is Road Kill. In this ending, you will meet Lamu while you are on the way to return to your home. Lamu looks so scary. It will murder you. Then, a newspaper about the tragedy in Lamu Forest Park will appear.

Ending 2

The second ending is Full Course Meal. If you want to unlock this ending, you need to guide Lamu to find and smash the car in the first stage. Then, in the second stage, when you find the car, you realize that the car is busted. Then, Lamu will appear from the left and murder you.