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Your tasks in Leftovers

Try out Leftovers which is an exhilarating horror game with a unique experience. Assume the role of a shy boy who must deliver leftover food to 10 neighbors.

Delivering the food

This game challenges you to navigate through a world filled with suspense and mystery as you embark on a mission to deliver surplus food to your neighbors. The game begins with the protagonist's mother realizing that there is an excess of food and requesting the player's assistance. The main objective is to visit ten neighbors and distribute the leftovers while adhering to the instructions provided by the game's characters. You must keep in mind your mother's warning about avoiding interactions with strangers.

Meeting your creepy neighbors

This game introduces you to a variety of creepy and enigmatic neighbors, each adding an element of suspense and unpredictability to the gameplay. Here are some of the intriguing characters you encounter:

  • The Old Lady: The nearest neighbor greets you and asks if you are a good boy. Responding with a nod or shake of the head triggers different reactions, demonstrating the importance of honesty and caution.
  • The Mean Man: A neighbor who intimidates the player, prompting you to retreat to your house after delivering a leftover.
  • The Busy Man: This neighbor appears agitated, swiftly taking the leftovers and shutting the door, leaving the player with a sense of curiosity about his behavior.
  • The Scary Woman: Possessing a haunting appearance, this woman invites the player into her room. However, you must resist the temptation and promptly leave after delivering the leftovers.
  • The Frightening Man: Upon throwing a leftover package into his room, an intimidating figure emerges, instilling a sense of fear and unease in the player.


Movement: You navigate through the game world using the WASD keys, allowing you to explore your surroundings and interact with various objects.

Camera Control: The mouse enables you to look around and observe your environment from different angles, heightening the sense of suspense and anticipation.

Object Interaction: Clicking the left mouse button facilitates interaction with objects within the game, such as delivering the leftover packages to the neighbors.

Menu Access: Pressing the ESC key opens the game's menu, providing you with options to adjust settings, save progress, or exit the game.