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The principles in Burger & Frights

Are you ready for a scary adventure in Burger & Frights? You must return to your home without being attacked by frightening creatures along the way.

Coming back home safely

Although this is a riding game, its setting is more frightening. When playing this game, you need to ride your bike to return to your home at night. There is no one on the road. However, you will encounter many strange things along the way. However, do not stop and pay attention to them. You should keep riding to come back home safely. Note that this game features six circles. In each circle, you are required to get to a certain destination. After you complete a circle, the game will reset and you will return to your starting point. You should be careful with the car in the fourth circle. Furthermore, in the fifth circle, you will encounter a gigantic creature that attempts to attack you. In the sixth circle, your enemy is a woman ghost. You must try your best to escape from them and head home safely.


If you want to look around, you should use the mouse to control the camera view.

Use an A or D key to ride to the left or right.

If you want to accelerate your speed, you should hold a W key.

Use a S key if you want to decrease your speed and stop.

A Secret Story Behind Burger & Frights

Like Five Nights At Freddy's 3, this game also has a secret story behind it. This story is about traffic accidents in the town. In each circle, you can see the clues about this accident.

  • In the second circle, you will see an old man driving a car and a broken bike on the road. The bike is full of blood trails. It means that this is a cycling accident. Moreover, you can hear a small female laugh, so I guess the patient of this accident is a female.
  • In the third circle, you also see the old man driving his car one more time, but this time he smashes his head against the wheel of the car. It seems that he is in a car accident. In addition, in this circle, you can see the ghost of the female in the cycling accident mentioned in the second circle.
  • In the fifth circle, a scary gigantic creature appears in the tunnel and attacks you. At this time, all secrets about this game are revealed. It seems that this creature is the main cause of cycling and car accidents. It attacked the man driving the car and the woman riding the bike. And now, it wants to murder you.