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Game mechanics of The Man From The Window

The Man From The Window challenges you to stay home alone. You need to solve puzzles in the house and try to avoid the monstrous antagonist.

This game requires you to step into the shoes of an isolated protagonist who has to stay home alone. Your mission is simple yet fraught with peril because you need to escape the confines of a foreboding house while evading capture by the abominable creature known as The Man. To achieve this, you must embark on a harrowing exploration of the house, unearthing hidden keys, unraveling perplexing puzzles, and braving spine-tingling encounters that will test your nerves. The game tantalizes with its immersive experience, offering three distinct endings that hinge upon your choices, ensuring no two playthroughs are the same. Armed with a small but potent train armed with machine guns, you must confront and obliterate the loathsome creatures that lurk in the shadows, determined to drag you into the depths of despair. To navigate this nightmare, simply wield your mouse and click the left button to control the game's terrifying twists and turns.

Multiple endings of The Man From The Window

This game offers you three distinct endings, each providing a unique outcome based on your choices and actions throughout the game. These endings contribute to the suspenseful narrative and allow you to shape your own destiny within the game's dark and treacherous world.

Mama Rabbit

In this ending, The Man successfully captures Mama Rabbit before the five-minute time limit expires. You witness the heart-wrenching scene as Mama Rabbit is taken away by The Man, leaving her loved ones devastated and desperate. Junior emerges from his hiding place, only to realize the tragic loss of his mother. He frantically searches for her, calling out her name in a futile attempt to find her. The sense of helplessness and despair lingers, leaving you with a haunting conclusion to Mama Rabbit's story.


This ending unfolds when The Man manages to capture Junior before the time limit runs out. Mama Rabbit, faced with the horrifying reality of her son's disappearance, takes immediate action. She contacts the authorities, pleading for their assistance in finding her beloved son. Desperation and fear permeate her voice as she expresses her determination to locate Junior herself if necessary. The game ends with a lingering sense of uncertainty, leaving you with the unsettling knowledge that Junior's fate remains unknown.

None are kidnapped

The third ending occurs when The Man fails to find either Mama Rabbit or Junior within the designated time. Frustrated and unable to fulfill his sinister intentions, The Man hastily retreats from the house. Mama Rabbit and Junior cautiously emerge from their hiding places, relieved but still shaken by the close encounter. Junior expresses his frustration at The Man's audacity to consume the donuts in their home, while Mama Rabbit scolds him for bringing home a cursed book. The tension dissipates as they discuss a supposed "Woman From The Front Door," with Junior confessing it was merely a joke, putting their minds momentarily at ease.