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All episodes of Amanda The Adventurer

Amanda The Adventurer invites you to participate in an exciting but scary adventure with a little girl. Solve puzzles and discover the wonderful world.

Episode 1

When playing this game, you will see an old television and three VHS tapes. You need to insert the tapes into the television in order to join the adventure of Amanda. If you insert the first tape, you will see Amanda and Wooly. They are in the fruit store. Amanda really loves apples and wants to buy them. However, Wooly stops her because she is allergic to apples. After the conversation between Amanda and Wooly ends, the surroundings will disappear. Then, Amanda and Wooly will enter the market in which you are required to write down everything Amanda sees. However, no matter what you write, she still writes apples because she loves apples.

After that, they are in the kitchen. They are preparing to make an apple pie. Amanda suggests using the knife to cut the apples, but Wooly warns about the dangers of the knife. You need to assist them in making the apple pie. However, if you try to make a peach pie, a hidden tape will be unlocked.

Episode 2

Next, in the second tape, you will meet Wooly who will explain something to you. Next, Amanda appears, but it seems that her emergence makes Wooly worried. Although the grandmother is a vegetarian, she still wants to buy meat for the grandmother. She will enter the meat store to buy the meat. Note that pressing other places will make her angry. In the meat store, your mission is to write down what Amanda sees. No matter what you write, she still writes meat. Keep in mind that, when you see a sheep, you should write lamb. At this time, a secret cassette will emerge and you can insert this cassette into the old television. Then, you will be teleported to an empty field where you can find 6 letters.

Episode 3

When you insert the third tape into the television, you will meet Amanda. She wants to return to her home. You need to take her home and knock on the door. Suddenly, she makes frightening movements, and a picture of a scary creature is displayed.

Developer and release date

This indie horror game was a result of the cooperation of MANGLEDmaw Games and DreadXP. It was launched on Steam in April 2023 and attracted many players. Then, the developer released this game on the Nintendo Switch on September 19, 2023. Finally, it was released on the web browser. Now, like FNAF 2, the game is also playable on both PC and mobile devices. You can check it out whenever you have free time.