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Interesting information about Freddy's Bomb

Freddy's Bomb is an exciting survival game featuring many game maps. Run around the arena to collect coins and weapons without crashing into animatronics.

The new playing rules

Unlike other horror games, the survival fight in this game takes place in a small arena that is full of obstacles. You will run around this arena to gather the coins. However, these coins are not scattered around the arena. Instead, they are hidden in the obstacles around the arena. Place the bombs near the obstacles to destroy them and collect the coins. Note that you should stand far from your bombs because you can be killed by them.

Because this game is inspired by Five Nights At Freddy's 4, the enemies in this game are also animatronics who are Freddy, Chica, Foxy, and Bonnie. They roam around the arena and are also able to use the bombs to remove the obstacles in the arena. You need to run away from these animatronics if you do not want to die soon. Another way is to collect the weapons like guns or swords and attack the animatronics.

All power-ups

Besides weapons and coins, you do not forget to pick up the power-ups in the arena.

  • Shoes: If you can get this power-up, you can run faster.
  • Stungun: This gun will cause electric shock. You can use it to eliminate the animatronic.
  • Flame Thrower: This weapon can launch fire, so you can use it to destroy obstacles and animatronics.
  • Mineland: You can place the minelands around the arena. If the animatronics step on them, they will explode.


Press the arrow keys to guide your character to run around the playing field.

Press the spacebar to use bombs and weapons to destroy obstacles.

Dressing up your character in Freddy's Bomb

This game allows you to customize your characters. You can choose between the male character and the female character. After that, you can use your coins to purchase beautiful new hair, faces, and clothes in the store. Finally, dress up your character to make it more impressive and unique.