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The rules of Granny

Take a look at Granny which combines atmospheric tension and clever puzzles. Watch out for dangers and the grandma in the haunted house and escape from there.

The Pursuit of Survival

One day, when you wake up, you find that you are in a haunted house. This is the house of a grandma. She is aggressive and kills anyone who stays in her house. You need to navigate the house stealthily to avoid Granny's detection. Note that the grandma is sensitive to noise, so every step should be calculated and silent. A single mistake will cause capture and a terrifying demise. Like Five Nights At Freddy's 3, this game also requires you to stay alive as long as possible and leave the house as soon as you can.

Puzzles and Exploration

If you want to escape from the haunted house safely, you should solve a series of intricate puzzles scattered throughout the house. You should observe carefully, utilize your critical thinking, and gather pieces of clues and objects to solve these puzzles. Solving the puzzles will help you determine the position of the exit door and find the key to unlock this door.


Use the ARROW KEYS to run around the haunted house.

Use an H key to hide under the bed or in the closet.

Use a C key if you want to crouch

Use an E key to interact with objects in the house.

Use an O key to drop objects onto the ground.

Use a D key if you want to escape from a bear trap

Use the left mouse button to shoot at the grandma.

Main dangers in Granny

  • Bear Trap: This trap is set up by grandma in order to trap you. It appears around the house, except for the Backyard and the Unstable Floor. If you step into the bear trap, it will alert the grandma and she can find you immediately. The only way to escape is to look down and hold the Remove button until the progress bar is full.
  • Freeze Trap: You can find this trap in the corners of the tables, near the walls, or in the Sewer Cell. Stepping into it will alert grandma. Moreover, you cannot move for 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, the trap will disappear and you can move again. There is no way to disable the effect of the freeze trap.
  • Spider Mom: She is one of the biggest hazards in the game. She appears from the Spider Cellar and patrols around the house. Her movement patterns are unpredictable because she randomly changes her mind. When she sees you, she will chase after you.
  • Granny: She is the main villain in this game. She roams around the house and often appears in the bedroom, living room, basement, and the secret area middle floor. If you make a noise, she can determine your position and find you. If she spots you, she will immediately chase after you. Moreover, she will become really angry if you kill her pets or hold Teddy.