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Tense gameplay of Do Not Open

Do Not Open will bring a good escape room experience. Play it now and do your best to leave the haunted house of Aunt Judith as soon as possible.

Getting out of the house

Like Granny, this game also requires you to escape from a haunted house. This is Aunt Judith's house. As Michael Goreng who is a zoologist, you are kidnapped by a strange person and taken to Judith's house. To survive, you need to escape from there as soon as possible. Let's run around the house, find the necessary items, and solve at least two puzzles. The answers to these puzzles will be the important clues that help you find the key to the exit door. Besides, there is a monster in the house. It is attempting to find and murder you. Therefore, when you encounter the monster, you should run as fast as possible or hide in a secret place.

Exploring a terrifying secret

When roaming around the house, you can discover a great secret. It is about the death of Aunt Judith. Although it is said that she had suicide, it is not true. It seems that she was murdered by a strange guy. All blood trails and items in the house will reveal the crime process. Now, this strange guy kidnaps Michael Goreng and wants to kill him. After you are assassinated, the next patient can be your wife or daughter.

Come on! Try playing this game now and attempt to find the murderer behind Judith's death. Besides, I want to introduce the best horror game on our website which is Five Nights At Freddy's 3.


If you want to run around the room, press the arrow keys.

If you want to enter the room, press the Q key.

Use the mouse to look around the room.