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General information about Five Nights At Freddy's 3

Welcome to the haunted world in Five Nights At Freddy's 3. Stop the animatronics from entering your office by rebooting the system and sealing off the vents.

The prologue

After the pizza restaurant Freddy Fazbear's Pizza in FNAF 2 was closed, it was revamped and became a famous attraction. Almost all animatronics are removed. Currently, there is only an animatronic called Springtrap left in the attraction. One day, the manager of the attraction wants to hire a security guard who protects this place at night. Are you ready to apply for this position and experience the haunted nights?

New gameplay of the game

Unlike the previous version, the gameplay of this version changes a little bit. You are still required to monitor the cameras and stay alive for five nights. However, to prevent phantom animatronics from entering your office, you need to keep an eye on the audio devices, cameras, and ventilation. If they malfunction, you need to be quick to reboot them. Moreover, Springtrap can move along the vent to sneak into your office, so you need to check the vent regularly. You should seal off it when you spot Springtrap. However, do not seal off the vent for too long because this can cause a lack of oxygen. You can die when your office runs out of oxygen.

How to control: Use the mouse to control the systems in the game.

New animatronics in Five Nights At Freddy's 3


The third installment introduces a new animatronic called Springtrap. In fact, he looks like Bonnie, but he is heavily destroyed and looks so dirty. He can see him through CAM 07, CAM 08, and CAM 09. You can see him in the vent, so you should check the vent regularly and seal off it when necessary. Do not leave the vent ventilation system with errors for too long because this will cause hallucinations. You can see many Springtraps at the same time and this is also a great opportunity for him to attack you.

Phantom animatronics

Although this version does not have common animatronics like Five Nights At Freddy's, it offers phantom animatronics. You will encounter Phantom Freddy, Phantom Chica, Phantom Foxy, Phantom Mangle, Phantom Puppet, and Phantom Balloon Boy. In fact, these animatronics randomly appear. When the systems in the attraction malfunction, this is a great chance for them to sneak into your office and murder you.

Mini-games in Five Nights At Freddy's 3

One special thing about this game is five interesting mini-games. After each night, you must join a mini-game and try to win it. Here is the list of mini-games in this game.

  • Night 1: On the first night, you will join a mini-game taking place in the original Freddy Fazbear's Pizza location. As you can see, this is a child's birthday party. You need to control a child with a Freddy Fazbear mask and must follow the Puppet to a room with four dead bodies. Interacting with the bodies reveals their spirits, which represent the original animatronics.
  • Night 2: After staying alive on the second night, you will participate in a mini-game in which you must guide a security guard to enter a room with two animatronics. You must survive by avoiding the animatronics until 6 AM. This mini-game is a reference to the infamous "Purple Guy" incident.
  • Night 3: The mini-game on the third night takes place in a hidden room within the Fazbear's Fright attraction and shows a crying child in a hospital room. You must take control of a shadowy figure and give cupcakes to the child to make them feel better. This mini-game reveals more about the Puppet's backstory.
  • Night 4: In the mini-game on the fourth night, you are tasked with guiding a crying child to go through a maze-like area while avoiding shadowy figures. This mini-game depicts the child's fear and isolation.
  • Night 5: On the final night, you will take part in a mini-game in which you are required to control the Puppet to guide the masked children to their respective tables, allowing them to find peace and move on.