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A Macabre Adventure in Everybody Must Die

Everybody Must Die is about a scary accident in the Goldsworthy Mental Health Rehabilitation. Solve puzzles and join combat to uncover the dark secrets.

The setting

The Goldsworthy Mental Health Rehabilitation Center serves as the eerie backdrop for the game. It is a facility dedicated to the treatment and care of individuals with mental health conditions. The game takes place on April 30, 1906, a date that adds historical significance and potentially references real-world events.

Gameplay mechanics

The game's narrative is centered around an old man who awakens from a terrifying nightmare. As if possessed by an unseen force, he develops a sinister plan to kill the people within the Rehabilitation Center. This transformation sets the stage for the player's journey into the disturbed mind of the protagonist.

Like Amanda The Adventurer, this game also combines various gameplay mechanics to create a compelling experience. You must use stealth to navigate the Rehabilitation Center, avoiding detection by the facility's personnel. Along the way, you solve puzzles that unlock new areas and provide insights into the center's dark history. Combat also plays a significant role, allowing you to engage in pixelated, intense battles with the personnel. The game's unique aspect lies in its ability to evoke conflicting emotions within you. As the old man on a murderous spree, you experience the thrill of power and control, but simultaneously feel a sense of guilt and vulnerability. The pixel art animation enhances this emotional duality, creating an unsettling atmosphere that blurs the line between being a monster and a victim. As you progress through the game, you gradually uncover the hidden mysteries of the Rehabilitation Center. The notes collected throughout the game provide crucial information that sheds light on the shady happenings within the facility. This narrative element adds depth and intrigue to the gameplay, enhancing the overall experience.

How to control

Press the spacebar to start the game or attack people.

Press a Z key to change the language and examine.

Press an X key to take items, use them, or put them down.

Press the arrow keys to guide the old man to move around.