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Addictive gameplay of Wrong Turn

Experience the thrilling feeling when you join a scary adventure in Wrong Turn. Drive your car to reach the destination without being attacked by monsters.

This driving game requires you to transform into a driver who is on his way to return to his home. It's dark and there are no vehicles on the road. You need to listen to the instructions of your GPS to make the right decisions. Note that you can chat with GPS. Moreover, if you can, try hacking the GPS to see what will happen. Be careful because there are monsters along the way. If you make wrong turns, you will die. The developer revealed that this game features six endings and many twists. If you make wrong turns, you can reach the bottom of the lake or be attacked by the monsters or your car can get fired. Therefore, attempt to make the right decisions and return to your home safely. Try it now to embark on a frightening adventure.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to play.

Playable game modes of Wrong Turn

Story Mode

If you are a beginner, I suggest you try the Story Mode first. In this mode, the GPS will be happier if you follow its instructions at all times. In contrast, it will get angry if you make wrong turns. Moreover, it seems to be easy for you to reach the destination safely.

Hard Mode

If you want something more challenging, you can try the Hard Mode. In this mode, some visuals are different from the Story Mode. Moreover, the mood of the GPS will not be affected if you make wrong or right turns. Therefore, it may be hard for you to know whether you follow the right route or not. Therefore, it can be easy for you to have traffic accidents.