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The storyline of Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 is an awesome adventure game featuring 3D graphics. Let's join an interesting journey with Mario to gather Power Stars and defeat Bowser.

Like Cuphead: Brothers in Arms, this game also features an interesting story. This game is about Mario who is a plumber. Mario is invited to the castle of Princess Peach to join the party. However, when he and the Lakitu Bros come to the castle, they are asked to get out of there. The reason is that the princess and other people in the castle are kidnapped by Bower. Bower stole the Power Stars and now his minions are holding them. If Mario wants to get them back, he needs to enter the magical paintings in the castle to find the minions of Bower. He needs to collect all the Power Stars and defeat Bower to rescue Princess Peach.

Engaging gameplay of Super Mario 64

Wonderful adventures

When playing this game, you will transform into Mario whose mission is to rescue the princess. You will enter different magical paintings in the castle to retrieve the Power Stars. Note that each level features six stars. Moreover, at each level, you must evade various obstacles and dangerous creatures. Do not forget to collect power-ups to become stronger. Here is the list of power-ups in the game.

  • Wing Cap: If you collect this power-up, you are able to fly.
  • Metal Cap: This power-up will help you to become invincible. You are able to walk underwater or in the lava if you wear this cap.
  • Vanish Cap: If you wear this cap, you will become invisible. Therefore, you can run through the enemies and obstacles without getting hurt.
  • Koopa green Shell: After getting this shell, you can ride on it. However, if you hit a wall or obstacles, the shell will disappear.

Thrilling fights

Besides exciting adventures, you also need to embark on thrilling battles with Bowser and his minions. You will encounter a distinct boss at each level. Here are some dominant bosses and some tips to take down them.

  • Whomp King: This is a formidable boss encountered in the game's third course. This boss's primary attack is attempting to crush you by falling on him. When he jumps into the air, position you directly beneath him and execute a Ground Pound move (pressing the jump button while in mid-air). This will cause Whomp King to collapse and momentarily become vulnerable.
  • Bowser: This is an iconic villain in this game. Bowser's primary method of attack is charging towards Mario. As he charges, perform a spin attack (rotate the control stick quickly or press the corresponding button) to knock Bowser off balance. This opens up an opportunity to grab his tail.
  • Big Boo: You will encounter this boss in the third course. Big Boo attacks by charging towards you. When he approaches, you need to quickly move out of his way to avoid taking damage. Timing is crucial, so stay nimble and watch his movements closely.
  • Eyerok: This is a challenging boss encountered in the game's seventh course. Eyerok has a weak point, which is the eye on each of his stone hands. To damage him, you need to attack both eyes.

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How to control

Press the Enter key to choose.

Press a Z key to guide Mario to jump.

Press an X key to control Mario to attack.

Press the TFGH keys to control Mario to move around.