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General information of Sleepless

Join Sleepless to have a nerve-wracking horror experience. Try your best to evade a terrifying monster that lurks in the bedroom and stay alive until 3 am.

The Haunting Atmosphere

This game captivates you with its haunting atmosphere that builds tension and unease. Set in a bedroom during a sleepless night, the game effectively creates a sense of isolation and vulnerability. The dark environment, combined with eerie sound effects, contributes to an immersive and atmospheric experience.

Unique Mechanic

The game's unique mechanic revolves around your ability to close your eyes when the monster appears. This adds an extra layer of intensity and strategy to the gameplay. By keeping your eyes open, you must search your surroundings, including the windows and doors, to identify the monster's position. The timing is crucial, as closing your eyes at the right moment is essential to avoid the monster's deadly jumpscare.


If you want to close your eyes when the monster appears, hold the spacebar.

If you want to open your eyes, release the spacebar

Use the mouse to control the camera view to look around.

The perspective and audio in Sleepless

This game offers a first-person perspective, enhancing the immersion and providing you with a heightened sense of fear and vulnerability. Seeing the bedroom through the character's eyes intensifies the experience, making you feel as if you are actually trapped in the room with the lurking monster.

To enhance the horror experience, this game strongly recommends you wear headphones. The game pays meticulous attention to audio cues, ensuring that you can hear the subtle sounds of the approaching monster. This audio precision adds an extra layer of realism and increases the tension, making you rely on your hearing to survive the night.