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The fight in Skibidi Toilet

Skibidi Toilet is a well-known horror action game featuring many many levels. Transform into a cameraman whose task is to flush the moveable toilets.

Eliminate the enemies

Inspired by videos and shorts created by Alexey Gerasimov, this game was released with the aim of entertaining the fans of Skibidi Toilet. Like other horror action games such as Cuphead: Brothers in Arms, this game features a distinct story and background, which will certainly impress you.

The city is invaded by moveable toilets called Skibidi. They move around the city and hurt many people. As a cameraman, you are tasked with defeating these toilets. You need to approach them and flush the toilets. They will stop attacking after being flushed. Your objective is to flush all toilets in the city to complete the level. Note that you cannot use the gun to attack the toilets. This game features 20 levels with different degrees of difficulty. The number of toilets will increase as you progress. Therefore, you need to be careful in each fight. Moreover, you can visit the shop and purchase extra life to raise your winning chance.

Fix the cameraman

In this game, you do not fight alone. Instead, there are some cameramen assisting you in flushing the toilets. However, sometimes, the cameramen are infected by tiny skibidi robots, so they will attack you and kill other cameramen in the city. At this time, you need to use your gun to shoot at the cameramen. They will be fixed and continue to fight against the toilets after being shot. Let's join the team of cameramen and battle with the evil toilets to protect the security of the city now.


Use the WASD keys to guide the cameraman to move around.

Click the left mouse button to flush the toilet or shoot.

Hold the Shift + W keys to run faster.