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Your mission in Saw 4: Trapped

Are you ready to join a rescue plan in Saw 4: Trapped? Do your best to save two men by choosing the right objects for the correct room in the correct order.

Monitoring the cameras

When you see this game, you are tasked with rescuing two men who were kidnapped by Jigsaw and imprisoned in two rooms. If check out the blood-splattering video monitor, you can see a man trapped in a dank storage room and another man trapped in a utility room. To save them, you need to select the right objects for the correct room in the correct order. Note that Jigsaw will inform you that you're on the right track to cracking this sadistic setup. Note that you should think carefully before choosing because the wrong step will lead to the death of the victims.

Some effective tips

  • Because the time is limited, you need to be quick to save the victims in two rooms. If the game ticks down to zero before your work is done, no one can leave there.
  • Manage your inventory and use items in logical ways. Pay attention to the environment and look for opportunities to combine objects or interact with the surroundings.
  • The next tip is to toggle between two rooms to check whether the victims still stay alive or not.
  • When visiting room B, you should use the fire, hose, and key. Then, you can use the lights, wrench, and finally hammer in room A.

Creator and release date

This horrifying exciting game was developed by Blockdot, Inc that is a Dallas-based game company. This is the fourth version of the Saw series and was inspired by the hottest movie named Saw IV. It was launched on January 28, 2008, and attracted many fans of horror games. Like Cuphead: Brothers in Arms, the game is also available on the web browser and playable on both PC and mobile devices.