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Play Prison Escape online to escape from the traps and challenges of each cell. There are many cells from classic cells to cells new dawn and adventures.

About Prison Escape Online

Welcome to this action-adventure game in which you will try to escape from prison!

Unlike Ultimate Custom Night where you try to survive from the animatronics, this new game requires you to escape your cell area and find your freedom. It seems that these two online games do not have any similar characteristics, but the horror element will bring them closer together. Players of both HGF and Prison Escape can enjoy thrilling experiences.

Basic Guide to Escaping Prison

You can choose one of Prison Escape's cells on the main screen. After that, your prison-escaping mission officially begins.

Start Prison Escape Online

First, you will start the game in a prison room based on your choice. Your mission in Prison Escape is to find a way to escape from there.

To escape from prison, use your mouse to move the view and look for hints. Pay attention to every hidden corner so you don't miss any useful objects or hints.

During exploration, you will have to search for useful tips and items. This can include keys to open doors, tools for entry, or anything that can help you escape prison.

Prison Escape Requirements

This Prison Escape game requires the players to solve puzzles and challenges. The game may present puzzles or challenges that you need to solve to progress further in the game. Use your intelligence and analytical abilities to overcome them.

Your ultimate goal is to find a way to successfully escape from prison. This may include opening the main door, finding your way through underground corridors, or any other method of leaving the location.