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Captivating gameplay of Magic Cat Academy

Let's join the magic school with a cute cat in Magic Cat Academy. Run around the school to fight against ghostly creatures who are attacking the students.

Spells and Symbol Drawing

As the magical cat, you must cast spells to defeat the waves of ghosts that appear on the screen. To cast a spell, you need to draw specific symbols associated with each spell. These symbols can range from simple shapes to more intricate patterns.

The game consists of multiple levels, with each level featuring different waves of ghosts. Ghosts appear in various formations and move towards the magical cat, trying to reach and overwhelm it. You must quickly draw the correct symbols to cast spells and eliminate the ghosts before they reach the cat.

Scoring many points

This game features a scoring system that tracks the player's performance. Points are awarded for successfully casting spells and defeating ghosts. You can aim to achieve high scores and compete with friends or other players for the top spots on the leaderboard.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to draw magic lines to eliminate the ghosts.

All bosses in Magic Cat Academy

  • Boss Ghost: A formidable opponent serves as the primary antagonist you confront early in the game. This powerful entity not only possesses its own abilities but also has the ability to summon additional normal ghosts to impede your progress. Defeating the Boss Ghost requires a combination of strategy and precise spellcasting.
  • Vampire Squid: As you reach the climax of the battles, the Vampire Squid emerges as a more formidable ghostly adversary. This swift and relentless entity lunges towards you, requiring you to employ your magical prowess effectively to overcome its powerful assaults. Only through the precise application of magic can you hope to vanquish this formidable foe.
  • Librarian Ghost: In the final stages of the library battle, the Librarian Ghost makes its presence known. With its eccentric blue glasses, this spectral entity guards the realm of knowledge. Engaging in a battle of wits and magical finesse, you must outmaneuver this ghostly guardian to progress further in your quest.
  • Cauldron Ghost: Within the treacherous potion classroom, the Cauldron Ghost awaits. This mischievous entity emerges after all normal ghosts have been vanquished, seeking to douse you with scalding white liquid. Your quick reflexes and precise spellcasting are paramount to defending against its attacks and inflicting damage upon this elusive ghost.
  • Coach Ghost: Within the training ground, you will encounter the Coach Ghost, a formidable opponent concealed beneath a facade of fake muscles. To defeat this ghost, you must first dismantle its deceptive disguise, exposing its true form. Only then can you employ your magical abilities to overcome this spectral foe.
  • Immortal Jellyfish: In your final confrontation, the Immortal Jellyfish presents a formidable challenge. This resilient entity requires the precise application of electric magic to weaken its defenses and ultimately bring about its defeat. With careful strategy and skillful spellcasting, you can emerge triumphant against this enduring adversary.