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Interesting information about Guilty Conscience

Guilty Conscience is the most challenging horror game that invites you to join a thrilling adventure. Evade the monsters and escape from the nightmare.

The prologue

This game is about a little boy. One day, a little boy gets lost in his nightmare. What should he do now? Fortunately, he meets a clown. This clown promises to help him to escape from the nightmare. He requires the boy to follow all his instructions. However, it seems that this clown is not as kind as he looks. He is hiding an evil plan that is to kill the boy in this nightmare. Sometimes, he will raise his hand to attack the boy to murder the bot in secret. Therefore, you are advised not to believe the clown completely.

The thrilling adventure

When playing this game, you will transform into a boy whose mission is to run as fast as possible to reach the finish line and escape from the nightmare. However, this journey is not as simple as it sounds because you will encounter many dangers such as bloodthirsty bats and movable dog skeletons. You should jump to evade the dog skeletons. Note that sometimes the dog skeletons will return after going through them. Therefore, you should jump twice to avoid hitting. If you want to dodge the bats, you should crouch. In addition, keep in mind that you should not follow the instructions of the clown. However, if you go against his wishes, he will get angry and attack you. At this time, you need to jump as high as possible to evade his hand. Another way is to pretend to follow his instructions.

How to control

Use an up key to guide the boy to jump.

Use a down key to control the boy to crouch.