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Join Darkness In Spaceship

You are invited to participate in thrilling fights in Darkness In Spaceship. Eliminate all monsters and find the secret behind the disease in your spaceship.

The storyline

The Earth became unhabitable. Other planets are also not suitable for habitation. For this reason, the people of each nation live in a separate huge spaceship and only land on a planet to provide necessities. The light spaceship is near a small planet with good mineral resources. One day, the special agent of the spaceship goes to a nearby planet to do a mission. During the mission, he receives a message that the ship has been attacked, and he must return to the ship immediately.

After that, you will receive a call from the commander. For months, there was a request from Zion Ship to buy your ship. They wanted to transfer the population in your spaceship to another one, but your leader refused. Finally, they decided to turn all the people in your spaceship into monsters with the spread of disease. This has been done by the treachery of some traitor politician in your spaceship.

The mechanics

Although this is also a horror game like Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location, it still has the action element. When playing this game, you will transform into an astronaut who is one of the survival teams in your spaceship. Because many people in your spaceship transform into monsters, you need to run around to kill them. As soon as you see the monsters, you should raise your gun, aim accurately, and shoot constantly. Do not ignore any monsters you meet. Moreover, while battling with the monsters, you should stay far from them to avoid being attacked. If you are attacked, you should escape as fast as possible. Your health will automatically recover while you are running.


Use WASD keys to move around the spaceship.

Hold the shift + W keys to run fast.

Click the left mouse button to shoot down the monsters.

Use a R key to reload the game.

Scroll the mouse wheel to change your weapon in the fight.