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Conquering Cuphead Threatenin' Zeppelin

Are you ready for the battle with Hilda Berg in Cuphead Threatenin' Zeppelin? Master each phase and employ effective strategies to dodge her attacks.

All phases

This game is a multi-phase boss battle against Hilda Berg, a zeppelin pilot with various transformations and attacks. The objective is to defeat Hilda Berg by skillfully dodging her attacks, overcoming obstacles, and dealing with damage during vulnerable moments.

  • Phase 1: In the initial phase, Hilda Berg appears as a zeppelin surrounded by clouds. She attacks by firing homing projectiles and releasing pink orbs that bounce across the screen.
  • Phase 2: Once her health reaches a certain threshold, Hilda Berg transforms into a menacing storm cloud with a face.
  • Phase 3: As the battle progresses, Hilda Berg transforms into a furious moon with a menacing grin.
  • Phase 4: In the final phase, Hilda Berg reverts to her zeppelin form, unleashing an onslaught of attacks

A Guide to Defeating Hilda Berg

  • Phase 1: To tackle this phase, you should focus on dodging the homing projectiles by using precise movements and utilizing Cuphead's dash ability. Moreover, I advise you to jump over or duck under the bouncing pink orbs while maintaining awareness of Hilda's projectiles. Finally, aim to land consistent shots during her brief vulnerability periods, usually after she completes a particular attack pattern.
  • Phase 2: In this phase, you should keep an eye on the storm's face, which indicates the direction of its attacks. Dodge the lightning bolts that strike down from above, while also evading smaller projectiles that rain from the sky. Additionally, you need to look for opportunities to damage Hilda during her lightning charge-up sequences or when she briefly pauses between attacks.
  • Phase 3: This phase introduces new challenges, so you need to Watch out for the moon's eyes, which glow before it launches projectiles. Dodge these by moving horizontally across the screen. Deal with the moon's mouth, which spawns homing projectiles. Use precise jumps and dashes to evade them. Next, utilize Cuphead's EX attacks and Super Art moves effectively during this phase to maximize damage output.
  • Phase 4: In this phase, you need to stay vigilant with some strategies. First, you should adapt to Hilda's varied attack patterns, including the deployment of propeller bombs and projectiles from different angles. Furthermore, I suggest you utilize Cuphead's parry ability to gain extra cards for your Super meter when pink objects appear on the screen.


Use the arrow keys to guide your character to fly up, down, left, and right.

Use a C key to shoot at the boss.

Use a V key to transform your character into a rocket.