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Choir is an online music game where you pull open your mouth to start a symphony. You can adjust the notes through your mouth shape and control support mouths.

Don't turn off the sound of this Choir game!

Choir Overviews

Welcome to the music video game in which players will participate in a virtual choir and show off their singing abilities!

When participating in this online game, players can enjoy the vivid sounds created by themselves online. Four mouths are always waiting for your instructions to perform wonderful harmonies.

The Choir game creates a fun and social environment for music-loving players, where they can show off their singing abilities and enjoy music with other players.

Instructions for Creating Music Online

The Choir game is extremely easy to play because the players just need to pull to open the online mouth. The main red mouth will open immediately and make lively sounds. Sometimes, the sounds can be more horrifying than Granny Gran and Grandpa. However, you can completely change the pitch through the mouth shape.

In particular, when you reach a certain level, 3 support mouths will help you. You can not control directly these support mouths, but you can base on the main mouth to control them.