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The immersive game modes of Backrooms

Welcome to Backrooms in which you need to find a way to escape from the nightmare. You should watch out for unidentified creatures in the maze.

If you are searching for an awesome horror game like FNAF 2, this game is the best choice. With various game modes, this game is known as one of the most interesting games this year.

Classic Mode

This game mode provides you with the quintessential gameplay experience. It immerses you in a nightmare in which you get lost in a maze. You need to navigate through dimly lit corridors to escape this maze. Try to find the exit portal which is hidden in any wall in the maze. Note that you should follow the sound that sometimes fades away. Besides, you also need to be careful with unidentified creatures that hide in the maze and attack you at any time. In this game mode, the movements of these creatures will make sounds that will alert you. Therefore, you should wear your headphones and listen carefully to know if these creatures are near you.

Deaf Mode

The next game mode in this game is the Deaf Mode which will take the horror experience to a new level by depriving players of their auditory senses. In this game mode, you need you find yourself in the haunting environment as the Classic Mode. However, you cannot hear the sounds of the scary creatures in the maze and the exit portal. Let's navigate the treacherous corridors, and decade dangers, and ultimately survive.

Free Mode

The final game mode in this game is the Free Mode which offers you a sandbox-like experience, allowing you to explore the haunting environment at your own pace. This game mode allows you to roam the maze to uncover the secrets and find the exit portal. Remember that you will end up in the maze if you are not careful and noclip out of reality in the wrong areas.


PC: Hold the left mouse button to control the button at the left of the screen to move around.

MOBILE: Hold the button at the left of the screen to move around.

Exploring Levels of Difficulty in Backrooms

This game offers you diverse levels of difficulty including Easy, Medium, Hard, and Backrooms.

  • Easy: The Easy difficulty level in this game serves as a welcoming entry point for players new to the game or those seeking a more relaxed experience. In this mode, you encounter fewer threats and obstacles, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the game mechanics, environment, and objectives at a manageable pace.
  • Medium: The Medium difficulty level in this game strikes a balance between accessibility and challenge. It presents you with a moderate level of threats and obstacles, requiring a greater level of attentiveness and strategic thinking compared to the Easy mode.
  • Hard: The Hard difficulty level in this game offers a formidable test for seasoned players seeking an intense and nerve-wracking experience. In this mode, you face heightened dangers, relentless pursuit, and more intricate puzzles.
  • Backrooms: The Backrooms level in this game represents the pinnacle of challenge and horror. It is an optional level that unlocks once you have proven your mettle in the previous difficulty modes. The Backrooms level immerses you in an even more unforgiving and terrifying environment, rife with nightmarish entities and mind-bending phenomena.