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What Happens Every Night in Five Nights at Freddy’s 2

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Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 takes place over the titular five nights survival. You will have to work your way through the game with increasing difficulty each night that passes. There will be more animatronics to fend off that gets more aggressive and vicious every night. To put yourself in an advantage, it is better to familiarize yourself with what happens each night.

Night 1

Though the first night in Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 is fairly easy, there’s a real risk of dying if you’re not careful enough. Your task for the night will be to watch the vents and keep the music box wind up. You won’t have to stress over animatronics on the hallway too much as most of them are not so active at this time. However, you should make sure to put on the mask if you see one staring right back at you.

Aside from that, you must listen to the phone call and check your vents periodically. The music box winds down very slowly on this night. Only worry about it when it is mentioned in the phone memo.

Night 2

You’ll start to get worked up at Night 2. More of the animatronics will start to wake up and bother you. The music box will progressively wind down much faster than the first night as well. Knowing the patterns of Freddy’s friends will be very helpful. Start getting into the habit of checking the vents, checking out the hallway, and winding up the music box. Every time you check the hallway, flash your light towards it, just in case Foxy is nosing around the end of it.

You must also be diligent about Balloon Boy, who can take your light out and this will expose you to Foxy. Check your left vent whenever you hear giggling or Balloon Boy talking. Put on your Freddy Fazbear Head if you find him there and wait for the thumping in the vent to confirm that he already left.

Moreover, there’s a chance that Mangle will appear on this night, though it gets activated on the 3rd night. Only worry if you hear a radio static, throw on the mask, and just wait for it to go away.

Night 3

This night is the night of the older and more terrifying animatronics. At this point, don’t even bother looking at any camera other than Cam 11; a room of inky black that houses the innocuous music box. Keeping that music box wound up is your number one priority.

It’s safe to say that the only way you can survive this night is by putting on the Freddy Fazbear Head when exiting the cameras. The old animatronics tend to appear right in front of you once you leave the monitor. They will lower it down themselves as well sometimes. Oh, don’t worry you’ll only have a second to put your mask on to avoid certain death.

Night 4

Animatronics will be more aggressive from this point. Freaky murderous animatronics will make Mask-On-After-Camera trick more indispensable. Aside from that, you will want to check the hallway more often, Bonnie and Freddy will be lurking here. Foxy is also more aggressive on this night. The fourth night will be more fast-paced and difficult, especially with that music box progressively winding down more and more.

Night 5

This is the night where you’ll start wishing you never started playing Five Nights at Freddy’s 2. At this night, every animatronic in the pizzeria is now up and wanting to murder you. Every animatronics make a return on this night, even the older crew.

Jumping from checking the vents to flashing the hallway to winding down the music box will be more fast-paced. Donning the Freddy Fazbear Head still works here, you will just need to move a lot more, like a lot, more quickly. Moreover, keeping the music box winded up is still your first priority. However, the risk towards certain death is a lot higher if you quickly go into the camera to wind the music box.

The old animatronics will be wasting most of your time as the lights will take some time to come back on after they disappear. When they flicker, you don’t have to wait for them to fully return. As soon as the freaks vanish from sight, take the mask off and get back to work.

Night 6

The hardest challenge in the game. This is Golden Freddy’s night and he will not make any warning at all. Your tactics won’t change at all. Balancing tasks like checking vents, hallway, music box, and putting on the mask effectively will be a lot harder. Relying on sound cues will help to keep you alive.

Custom Night

Once you’ve survived the night with Golden Freddy or night 6, you’ll get to unlock the Custom Night. You will be able to manually set the difficulty level of the various animatronics.

Tips for Survival

Aside from familiarizing yourself with what transpires at night, there are other tips in surviving the game. You must take note of these as well in order to win Five Nights at Freddy’s 2.

FNAF2 Gameplay

  • If available, use your headphones. Listening carefully to subtle audio cues is necessary to survive in the game. Every clang, thud, and thump will tell you if any animatronics is approaching.
  • You must pay attention to the phone messages that were left by your boss. Spare no detail, each memo will give gameplay hints on how to deal with certain situations.
  • Switching back to the CCTV system just isn’t as important in this game as it was in the first installation. Here, your first priority is to check if the music box and keep it wound up. If you fail to tend to it and see the puppet peeking a little bit, you can still wind it up. But, if the puppet is nowhere to be found, may you rest in peace.
  • Balloon Boy can’t hurt you in any way, but he can be annoying by taking your flashlight and expose you to foxy. His giggles also brings the animatronics to your vicinity. So when you hear him giggle, put on your mask right away.
  • When your flashlight seems to be acting up even though you still have some juice left, it means the freaks are on the move and you should stay on guard.

We hope that you’ll enjoy your duty as the night watchman and that you survive until 6AM each night at Freddy Fuzzbear’s Pizzeria in Five Nights at Freddy’s 2! Download and play the game here!